How To Choose A Birding Tour

Jan 4, 2018 0 comments

There are so many birding tours out there to choose from that it can be totally overwhelming to figure out which one is right for you. Recently there have also been a number of countries and regions that have become more accessible, making the choice even tougher. Here we will take you through some of the factors that are often considered important and that could make a difference between having a great tour and going back for more, or being disappointed because it was not what you had expected.

5 Must-Read Books For Your Botswana Safari

Jan 25, 2018 1 comments

Once one of the poorest places on earth, Botswana has enjoyed extensive growth and prosperity since the discovery of their beautiful diamonds. But it’s not simply the international jewel trade that makes Botswana a rich place. From the diverse flora and fauna of the Kalahari Desert to the unique ecosystem of the Okavango, Botswana is like no place else on earth, and an amazing destination for a safari. A Botswana safari will no doubt reveal many of this countries unique natural delights to you, but to make the most of your trip, you should definitely do your homework.

Top 5 Gourmet South African Experiences To Excite Your Taste Buds

Jan 14, 2018 0 comments

When you booked your South African safari, you were probably more interested in the wildlife than the food. However, that doesn’t mean there are no delicious delights to be discovered on the African continent. In fact, South Africa is an excellent destination for a foodie-infused break.