Apps to take with you on Safari

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Apps to take with you on safari

The tailor made holiday that you have spent hours planning and arranging is booked and the tickets are winging their way to you. Now the exciting part begins; getting ready for your big adventure. With a little preparation, your safari holiday can be made even more exciting with technology andchere Red Savannah suggest some apps that may make your holiday a little brighter.


Sasol birdlife app is available on Android and Apple products.

This brilliant app is a popular one used to identify different birdlife seen while on safari or at the camp. The app details over 950 bird species.

Select an area of Southern Africa and it will list the birds particular to that region, providing you with photos and audio of the different calls the birds make.

Star Walk is available on Android and Apple products.

This app is perfect for those starry nights where the heavens are bright with stars, planets, galaxies and satellites. It allows you to identify the objects you see from anywhere on Earth.

With a 360-degree view of the sky, it’s a great way to spend an evening staring at the night sky.

Evernote is available on Android and Apple products.

Use this app to keep all of your travel details in one place. Much of your journey details are likely to be in digital version and this app means you don’t have to search lots of different places for information. Keep your e-tickets for flights, hotel reservations, maps, scanned brochures and vital information together.


An essential app! See your way back to your camp in safety at night. There a number available from the different app stores but make sure you choose one that has a bright light option.

Currency converter is available on Android and Apple products.

Travelling across several countries with different currencies can be confusing, so having a currency converter to hand when bartering for goods is a necessity. Choose one that updates on a daily basis, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information.

Basic Swahili is available on Android and Apple products.

The linguists among you will appreciate this app! Learn essential words and phrases before your tailor made holiday and try your hand at conversations in Africa. As with all countries, it is appreciated when visitors speak the language, even at a basic level.


Do check roaming rates prior to travel and set your mobile device according to your preferences to ensure you don’t return home to exorbitant fees.

Now you’re ready for the off!


Albee Yeend is the Africa Specialist at Red Savannah. She first fell in love with the continent whilst canoeing along the Zambezi on a safari holiday in Zambia. What started as a holiday led to three years running several safari camps in Zambia and Botswana before moving into tour operations as an Africa safari specialist. You can contact Albee here and follow her on Twitter.


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