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One-Week Tembo Escape
0.00 per person

Our Deluxe One-Week Tembo Safari offers accommodations at deluxe tented camps and lodges and grants the opportunity to learn and discover Tanzania’s most popular northern parks, such as Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and the boundless Serengeti Plains.

Tanzania | Tanzania 7 days
2 Day Tour of Saadani National Park
0.00 per person

This short 2 day trip to Saandani is a great way to experience a real Tanzanian safari whilst on holiday in Zanzibar!

Tanzania | Tanzania 2 days
3 Days Mikumi National Park
0.00 per person

Enjoy Mikumi National Park for 3 days If you have quickly come to Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar Tanzania and you want the best out of your busy schedule you can do Mikumi National Park only in 3 days and very satisfying.

Tanzania | Tanzania 3 days
0.00 per person

Tanzania is one of the world's greatest safari destinations. It's game viewing experiences is widely regarded as the best in Africa Ngorongoro’s caldera shelters the most beautiful wildlife haven on earth. The rich pasture and permanent water of the Crater floor supports a resident population of some 20,000 to 25,000 large mammals. They are not confined by the Crater walls, and can leave freely; they stay because conditions are favorable. Since most of the Crater floor is grassland, grazing animals predominate: gnu, zebra, gazelles, buffalo, eland, hartebees and warthogs. The swamp and forest provide additional resources for hippos, some of Tanzania’s last remaining black rhinos, giant-tusked elephants, waterbucks, reedbucks and bushbucks, baboons and vervets. The steep inner slopes provide a habitat for dikdiks and the rare mountain reedbuck. Towering euphorbias cling to the crater walls and on the floor, Fever tree and Fig tree forests give shade to an awe-inspiring array of creatures. All these animals in turn support large predators such as Lion and Leopard, and scavengers such as Hyena and Jackals. For the best viewing and photography, approach the animals slowly and quietly and stay on the official tracks

Tanzania | Tanzania 5 days
0.00 per person

The Big Five Wildlife Discovery is supported by a team of friendly and attentive camp staff and led by professional English-French-Spanish- and/or Italian-speaking guides. Retrofitted “stretch” 4 x 4 Land Rovers are fully equipped with window seats and open hatch space for each passenger assuring 360 degree wildlife viewing and photography.

Tanzania | Tanzania 4 days
6 Day Tour To Serengeti and Ngorongoro
0.00 per person

This six day tour takes you to two of the most famous Tanzanian National Parks - Serengeti and Ngorongoro. The Serengeti tour will afford you the possibility to witness the world's largest international mammal migration to and from Masai Mara in Kenya. Nearly three million wildebeest, half a million of zebra and antelopes naturally going to and from Masai Mara in Kenya seeking water and pasture. Ngorongoro is really the sanctuary of nature where millions of diverse flora and fauna live together in one crater floor to form a world unique ecosystem.

Tanzania | Tanzania 6 days