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Karibu! (Welcome in Swahili) Here are Wild At Heart Journeys, we specialize in creating exceptional travel experiences that will leave you touched and inspired. Creating the perfect safari (Journey in Swahili) takes intimate knowledge, time and consultation. Using our first hand knowledge, we provide you, the traveler, with hand picked options for destinations, activities and accommodations that meet your specific criteria and desires for your magical African safari. Built into every journey is support for local projects. Whether it is staying at a lodge where the profits benefit a local conservation or empowerment project or going deeper and spending days exploring and experiencing the lives of the local people and culture. Wild At Heart Journeys supports many local projects that are focused on wildlife conservation, education, empowerment and healthcare. Please visit our Journeys For Hope page for more information on some of the projects we support. We look forward to creating your personal safari that inspires, so contact us now for your consultation and Let the Journey Begin!
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Excellent 5 / 5
Perfect Vacation
Illean Carter United States 25 May 2015

Excellent 5
What an amazing trip Wild at Heart put together for us! I can't say enough about the organization and schedule of the trip. Robin is exceptional when it comes to details and knowledge of traveling in Africa. She made it so easy - we basically just had to pack and off we went. There was not one flaw in the entire trip and I can say we have NEVER had such an amazing trip with so little effort on our part. We stayed at Tanda Tula and also at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge. Both were perfection. We had amazing food, saw so many animals, and the guides were beyond excellent. We would never return to Africa without the involvement of Wild at Heart! Thanks Robin!!!!