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We specialise in wildlife conservation safaris to Africa in support of wildlife conservation. We prefer small groups of less then six persons. This means that we can offer a personal service and flexibility to cater for any specific requirements and needs that you may have. Whether your preference is just general wildlife or something specific, or if you would like to visit one of our community projects, be hands on or sit back and let us take the strain, whatever you prefer we'll do our best to provide. Everyone hopes to see the infamous big five when on Safari (Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo), and of-course soak up the atmosphere, sights and sounds of Africa. We aim to provide all those things (mother nature permitting), but more than that, we want you to gain an insight into the real African bush. For example, to understand what a Leopard track looks like and how it is just like a finger print, or what the barking noise you heard during the night meant (alarm call of a bush buck, who knows a predator is around), or what that smell of pop corn means as you pass a bush (female leopard in oestrous). And even more, we provide opportunities for you to be involved with our work in conservation and particularly with Leopards. Meet and be involved with conservationists, help to set trail cameras to monitor the nightly happenings, or just simply take time to sit viewing an Elephant understanding its behaviour and the heard dynamics. Of-course a safari wouldn't be a safari without enjoying the quality accommodation and fantastic venues, that are included in each of our tours. We will be waiting for you on arrival at Johannesburg airport, we don't use a third party transit service, you will be met by one of our safari team and your safari starts then. Don't worry about the time of your arrival, we will meet you at any time or date to suit you, it's all part of the service. This gives you flexibility to find the best flight deal. We know that its important to be able to plan your safari costs and avoid any hidden extras. Quite simply, we don't believe in hidden extras, where possible we provide an all inclusive price and any additions to that one off price are clearly shown on your itinerary. These tend to be things that are out of our control such as the entry fee into the Kruger National Park which you pay directly on entry, and we can let you know those costs before you arrive. Let us know what you want from your Safari and together we can make your time with us an experience that will provide memories to last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Every Day A New Adventure
Annette Tilden Canada 20 Feb 2018

Excellent 5
Recently I had my second trip to Africa, and this one was by far the best. Everything arranged by On Track Safaris happened smoothly and seamlessly. Now I have a full appreciation of why my friend loves South Africa, and why she entrusts her schedule to Carol Fox, South Africa is a beautiful country, and if I ever have an opportunity to visit again, I would not hesitate to put myself in the capable hands of On Track Safaris, and then relax.
Thank you On Track Safari's for a Wonderful Adventure!
Tracey Igoe United Kingdom 13 Dec 2017

Excellent 5
This trip was taken in October 2017. Our sixth safari, but the first with On Track Safaris. We found them via a 'like' by a friend on Facebook. Within a few clicks I saw that they visited Vuyatela Lodge, Djuma, where Safari Live is broadcast from. A few days later with Carols help we were booked on a nine night, three Lodge safari. The planning was very straight forward, waiting the year to meet Carol at Hoedspruit airport was harder! She transferred us to the first Lodge, Rukyia. We spent four very comfortable nights in our en-suite canvas tented room. Lily and the team provided delicious food & Conraad and Elliot showed us the wonders of the bush. We had some great sightings, both big and small. The Pels Fishing owl & black rhino a highlight. Conraad also took us the Kruger National Park for the day, a truly wonderful adventure. Our next Lodge was the one I was most excited about. Vuyatela in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Carol & Will Fox hosted a group of 8 of us, the other 6 were all travelling together for ten nights. The Lodge was very comfortable & again, the food delicious. The highlight for me was traversing the roads and areas from the `Sunrise & Sunset' safaris that are on Safari Live every day. We saw the crew filming live each day & had a visit to the studio to watch them presenting. A wonderful experience. We also had spectacular sightings of wild dogs, numerous leopards, lions and lots of other game and birds. The next Lodge at Raptors Retreat was in quite different terrain, the Parsons Nature Reserve, which forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park. It was very rocky, not the open vistas of the Sabi Sand. Our room was very comfortable, if a bit modern for my tastes. The food was once again very good. Unfortunately the weather was very cold & windy, the animals hid, so not much to see over two drives, but the walk we did one morning was interesting. On Track Safari's are passionate about conservation, I have a camera trap with them as part of the Ingwe Research project and enjoy seeing the photos each month. We hope to book another trip in the future & would like to thank Will & Carol for taking such good care of us, we had a wonderful adventure!
South Africa Safari
Graham Racher United Kingdom 22 Oct 2017

Excellent 5
Ruth and I had been on a two week camping Safari in Botswana back in 2014, and I have travelled around many parts of Africa and else where on safari / wildlife conservation trips over the last 17 years - so we knew what we wanted! We found On Track Safaris via Responsible Travel (we wanted an ethical company) and once we contacted them at the start of May, Carol was very helpful in arranging the trip we wanted. Ruth and I had a range of possible dates between August and October, we wanted to go an the 14-day trip, and we were going to book our own 7 night extension in Cape Town at the end of it, as well as all the flights - and these all needed to dove-tail together! This meant Carol had some juggling of dates as she contacted the lodges/camps to see what was available, and then coming back to us to see if these worked for us, but Carol came through and two weeks later we had an itinerary that worked and the deposit was being paid. 4 nights Rukiya Safari Camp, Wild Rivers Reserve 2 nights Hoedspruit Private Lodge, Wildlife Estate 3 nights Tangala Safari Camp Thornybush Reserve 3 nights Nzumba, Klaserie Reserve 1 night Rukiya Safari Camp, Wild Rivers Reserve Will (co-owner) picked us up at Johannesburg airport, and we had an interesting chat about various things on the five hour drive to our first camp. We were impressed with his knowledge, passion and attitude - things were looking good. On Track really know what they are doing. Will and Carol investigate and choose the camps very carefully, and review them regularly too. We can only echo the many views already mentioned in previous reviews with regards the hospitality, standards, enthusiasm, ethics, knowledge and skills of the staff we met. To name but some. Rukiya: Conrad, Lily, Elliott, Donovan, Gemma Tangala : Tracey, Jay'D Hoedspruit: Will, Carol Nzumba : Rika, Werner We were also impressed by the variety of wildlife experiences over the 14 days. As everyone should know wildlife is just that, wild, and nothing is ever guaranteed, and no two days are ever the same, even in the same place. So seeing the following was quite amazing: three leopards at sun-down - one of them in a tree for an hour, a nyala calf being born outside our chalet, wild dog pups, elephant mock charges, lions of various ages, a white lion, rhinos - white and black, capturing an aardvark on the camera trap, buffalo, hyenas, jackals, genets, civets, mongoose, ostrich and many other birds, antelopes and animals. What would be my best piece of advice to anyone thinking of booking an On Track Safari in South Africa? Book a longer 14 day trip rather than a 10 days trip - you'll love the extra day you get at each camp!