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We’re expert at turning African safari dreams into long lasting memories. Every member of our expert staff has climbed each route we offer and have traveled the surrounding parks to provide you with the ins and outs of planning your Mt Kilimanjaro and Safari expedition. We will speak with you to address any questions or concerns you may have so your only care will be enjoying the beauties of Africa.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
fantastic with serac adventure 8days lemosho route
jason simpson Canada 26 Jul 2017

Excellent 5
We did 8days lemosho route with a local company called Serac Adventure where everything went perfect even beyond our expectaction. From the first email,we asked them to suggest us the best route for acclimatization where Nickson recommended us to take lemosho route. The guide pactrick and other guides were very charming and told us to go polepole(slow slow) which helped us in reach uhuru peak.We also rented very warm sleeping bags from them which led us wake up happly every morning.We also had our private toilet which made our trip comfortable. After that we did a day safari which was very fantastic.thank you very much Nickson and his team
cattherine howad Canada 10 Jul 2017

Excellent 5
If you are looking to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or go on Safari in Africa I enthusiastically recommend Serac Adventure https://www.seracadventure.com We climbed the mountain in 8 days via the Lemosho & Western Breach route and then down the Mweka route. This route allows you to see both sides of the mountain & not have to double back at all, you camp at crater camp so you summit still feeling fresh after a short climb in the morning. We had a small group of 7 American climbers with various ages and stamina levels and everyone made it to the top and back down without problems. Other companies make you climb for 12-15 hours on summit day. Other companies will take shorter routes(less time for acclimatization!), use less porters, leave more waste on the mountain and do not carry proper emergency equipment(oxygen & a portable hyperbaric chamber). I thought climbing the mountain would be a difficult climb, but the way they planned the route and the great food they provided us on the mountain made it easy for a flat-lander from Wisconsin. The company is small and locally owned with a small marketing budget(sound familiar?). The co-owner NICKSON has lead over 100 trips up the mountain and works his own tours as mountain & safari guide. He grew up in the area and is committed to building a sustainable company that pays fair wages. The don't have fancy brochures and dvd marketing videos, but trip costs are more reasonable, and the service is better than many big-name climbing companies. We visited 4 national parks on safari and saw all of the major African animal species in that area(except the reclusive black rino). The lodges they booked for us had great food and atmosphere. One place we stayed at was off-grid with solar water & heat they had tent-like hotel rooms & just outside the national park so they had native people to escort you and guard the camp at night in case wild animals(baboons, elephants, giraffes) came into the lodge area. Amazing.
EMILY NIGEL Canada 29 Jun 2017

Excellent 5
My husband and I did the 7 day Machame route with SERAC ADVENTURE. We didn't know what to expect but were very impressed with the entire week long adventure. The meals we were fed on the mountain were always delicious and filling. We had freshly cooked food and soup at every meal. The porters even went down the mountain on day 4 to get fresh food for us as they knew it wouldn't keep fresh for a whole week. Our guides DIXON and ALLY were always encouraging when sections of the climb were tough, and were a blast to joke around with. They always made sure we were prepared for the day with the proper equipment and were willing to offer their own equipment if one of us in the group didn't have. On summit night, it was very challenging and DIXON and ALLY kept us going by motivating us, and singing us up to the top of the mountain. They were always so supportive and made our experience unforgettable TREKKING AND 5DAYS SAFARI! We would highly recommend going with SERAC ADVENTURE as your tour company!