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We are the local professional Tanzania Safari guides who have been working on the field for almost 40 years of combined experience. Since we are very passionate and experienced with Nature all of our Itineraries based on a right time at a right place to insure your African Safari dreams comes true. Don’t worry we know Tanzania we will take you whatever you ask us to go. As you peruse your resources, looking for somebody who will take you on a trip of a lifetime, a valid question to ask is why should I choose one company over another? At the end of the day, it often boils down to price and quality of service, and commitment to local communities and the environment. But we would like to show you how we fulfill these objectives and more. We want you not only to be satisfied with your safari, but satisfied with yourself for choosing us to have the pleasure of providing you a superb trip!
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Awesome and Fun Guides!
Sophie Cook United States 25 May 2015

Excellent 5
I had to come back and write a review for these guys years later. While staying in Tanzania for a month, my friends and I were very lucky to have met these guides! We spent an incredible three days journeying with them to beautiful places including the Ngorongoro Crater and a Maasai Village. They are very fun and energetic guys. They were very helpful and genuinely wanted our group to have a great time. They made sure to stop along the way for us to explore food stands, shops, etc. if we wanted, though they provided great food as well. The Maasai Village was incredible. We were greated so warmly by all. It was quite the experience. We carried water on our heads, milked cows, took part in a celebration, and camped out under the most magnificent sky I have seen to date. The Ngorongoro Crater really needs no explanation, it was a wonderful safari experience. We also made a few other short stops along the way at a reptile farm, a maasai museum, and got to take camel rides! I would absolutely recommend Open Safari for your African Safari Experience! You will not regret it!!
Authentic Maasai experience
Melissa D Canada 25 May 2015

Excellent 5
My friends and I went on a tour to an authentic Maasai village and stayed with one of the families living there. Everything about the experience was amazing. We were shown how to carry water on our heads and milk cows. In the evening they had a bonfire for us and did a bit of a dance. When it got dark we saw the most stars I have ever seen in my life, it was truly beautiful. Everyone went to bed and we heard music so we hiked up the mountain for a few minutes and found a bunch of kids singing and two ladies playing the drums. We sang and danced with them for hours until they invited us into a hut and we had some sort of prayer or welcome ceremony. This was not part of the tour, but our tour guide Gaby accompanied us and explained what was happening. We just happened to find a lovely group in the next village who were happy to see us. It was easily one of the best nights of my life. The tour also included a trip to a reptile zoo where we got to learn about animals and go on a camel ride. There was also a circumcision museum which was strange but informative. Also, the food they provide is delicious and I am not easily impressed. I highly recommend going on any tour with John and Anthony. Asante sana!
"unforgettable Safari Experience!"
John Brian United States 18 May 2015

Excellent 5
My parents booked our tour with Open Africa Safaris at the last moment. The company was not only extremely responsive, but also flexible with us. John was very kind and patient through our communication about our trip. He was so quicky to answer all our questions we had. He also explained every expectation of our trip, such as the weather in Tanzania, visa application process, flight tickets purchasing options and much much more. His communication with us was absolutely excellent. He made very good suggestions on where to go and what to do in Tanzania. On our arrival at the Kilimanjaro airport, we met our tour guide Anthony, he was a 30+ year very kind and friendly. He is extremely knowledgeable and well known by the locals. During our safari, we ended up seeing way more animal babies and wild life than we ever expected. we also loved our visit to Maasai boma on our way back from safari. The tents, mattresses and sleeping bags were new and clean. I highly recommend Open Africa Safaris to any traveler for unforgettable safari experience.