Nature Responsible Safari Company

We are a committed and dedicated safari company operating in Tanzania, with exceptional experience in working in tourism sector, nature and community development. We are proud of our beautiful country which is the largest in East Africa with splendid sceneries, unrivaled wildlife, wild lands, great National Parks, people with diverse traditions and cultures and undiscovered beauty. We organize game viewing safaris, eco-tourism events, walking safaris and people to people safaris where tourist interacts with Tanzanian people to learn about tradition and culture, and beach holidays.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Enjoy Africa's Extraordinary Nature -- But don't forget the people
Alon Tal United States 16 Dec 2013

Excellent 5
Nature Responsible Safari Company offers a unique combination of splendid and fascinating routes and explanations about Tanzania's unique wildlife, ecology and landscapes -- while at the same time introducing visitors to the social challenges that the country faces. I have been to Africa many times but never had the opportunity to engage a broad range of Tanzanians to discuss their lives and how they are working to improve them. In particular, the ability to meet Massai citizens and speak with women about their efforts to improve the status of women proved to be an important addition. Supporting these pilot efforts to empower local communities left us with a sense of hope and that our visit not only contributed to the budgets of international tourist companies, but to the authentic local economy. In my case, the company facilitated a meeting between myself (a professor of ecology) and the faculty of the Arusha "Nelson Mandella Institute forScience and Technology" -- a new graduate study center which has begun training students from across Africa about a wide range of issues associated with sustainabilty. Without Nature Responsible's connections and assistance I would never have been able to meet these new colleagues and see about cooperative work with them. Anyhow who wants wonderful attention to detail, friendly staff and creative routes -- should think about this company as their Safari provider. We will return to meet with our friends Francesca, Josephine and Gustav from Nature Responsible and have recommended cir remarkable work to many others who wish to visit Tanzania.