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I Dream of Africa is a Tanzanian tour operator based in Arusha with over 16 years experience in organising safaris in Tanzania and Kenya. We are specialised in accessing the many pristine, remote and authenitic destinations, especially in the popular national parks. I Dream of Africa is a member of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO). We offer all types of safaris, from bush adventures in the national parks to beach holidays on Zanzibar. Based on our experience and knowledge in the field, we have a variety of safari itineraries which are highly competitive: Lodging Safaris, Luxury Tented Safaris, Budget Camping Safaris, Biking, Canoeing, Walking & Trekking Safaris, Culture Safaris, Bird Watching, Mountaineering, Wildlife Safaris, Beach Holidays in Zanzibar, Spice Tour in Zanzibar and Educational Tours.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Fantastic safari to the migration.
Erik Berkelmans Netherlands 17 Apr 2016

Excellent 5
Christopher Samwell owner of " I dreamed of Africa" organized an unforgettable safari experience for our family of four. We did a tour from Arusha over the Serengeti to the Mara river to view the migration, we visited lake Manyara, Ngorongoro crater and Taragire national park as well. We arranged everything by email. Christopher reacted always very fast and had good suggestions for the tour. We booked a 11 day safari with lodges and tentedcamps. Everything was organized perfect, even better as expected! The decision to do business with a local Tanzanian company worked out perfect. During safari we experienced what more then 25 years guide means. Christopher speaks very well English, is a keen game spotter, even when diving he sees animals that we didn't noticed at all. He knows the Parks as the back of his hand and has knowledge of animals and their behavior. Above all Christopher is pleasant travel company. I recommend Christopher as a fantastic guide and reliable touroperator. I am sure he can arrange the best safari whatever your budget is.
Amazing and personal safari
Mariska van Aartsen Netherlands 11 Nov 2014

Excellent 5
My boyfriend and I (both 29) were looking for a private guided tour where we could create our own itinerary. After doing some research, we found "I Dream of Africa" www.idreamofafrica.com through reviews on the internet. I Dream of Africa is a local Arusha based company, so you support a local company. We corresponded through email (more than 50 ) and by thelephone with Christopher. Together we created a custom safari. Christopher, was our guide and driver throughout the 7 day safari, Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. He shared much knowledge about the wildlife and environment. And he was always on the lookout for animals. Christopher knew how to approach the animals. Besided that, Christopher knows a lot about Tanzania and the economic and political issues in the country. We experienced a lot of advantage of a private tour, such as: - you can stay in one spot as long as you want. - You don’t have a tidy schedule. - You really experienced the wild life if you stay on the public campsite. - During lunch and dinner you have time to discuss about things. We stayed on the local camp sites in a tent. The facility are basic but very clean and the food prepared through the cook was very good, fresh and healthy. It was sublime to be out in the middle of nowhere listening to lions and elephants. They where only several hundred feet away. One time early in the morning there was a big family of 20 elephants just 100 meter in front of a camp site. It was amazing. We felt very safe and Christopher is really looking afther you. We really recommend "I Dream of Africa" If you are looking for a interesting and personal safari. You will have a amazing experience with Christopher.
Unbelievable Trip - Would Do It Again Tomorrow
Alex Maxwell United States 8 Apr 2014

Excellent 5
What an unbelievable trip! It started back in the United States. We had been recommended to I Dream of Africa through a friend who had only met Christopher in passing on her safari, but she stood by that he seemed like a great guide and the people she met shared that as well. Christopher, the guide and owner, was very quick to respond via email to all of our questions, concerns and anything else that came up in the planning process. There were so many great things about this trip that it's hard to sum them all up here, but here goes: 1. Christopher - what a great guide he is! He has eyes like an eagle and can see things that are hard to see with binoculars! Not only can he see them and point them out to you, but he knows about the animals and their habits/lifestyle/etc. It’s not like listening to a television program, Christopher carries a passion in his knowledge that not only informs those listening, but shows his love and respect for the animals. Furthermore, he is a local guy. So not only does he know the area, but he can explain a lot of the culture and local life to anyone willing to listen. He takes extreme pride in his work and strives to deliver a phenomenal experience not just once, but every day that you are with him. He definitely took every step to make sure that we were all comfortable (group of 4), from the way that he drove over the rough terrain to the accommodations and start time each day. It was extremely comforting to arrive and be taken care of from the moment we stepped out of the airport. 2. Animals – amazing. I could leave it at that. Thanks to our guide we were able to see a lot of animals. Definitely a blessing between his eyes and timing, we caught some great action scenes and close proximity to all of the Big 5. I know people don’t always get this lucky, but it certainly was neat to see what we were able to. 3. Weather – we went during the beginning of rainy season, which was a gamble. It paid off. Rained almost every night, but no more than 5 minutes. Again, I think we were blessed with the weather – so be careful of when you go. BUT – the advantage to going this time of year (end of March) was that we saw baby versions of almost all the animals. Made for some great pictures! 4. Lodges – again we trusted Christopher on this. He set up all the lodges each night for us. It was a mix of lodges, a lot from the same company, which meant a lot of the same amenities. It worked out great. The staff was very pleasant at all the lodges. The food was definitely different then the fair we are used to here in the states, but good nonetheless. Our two favorites were Taragire Safari Lodge – great staff, great views and a unique experience. Kitela near Caratu – great property, gorgeous rooms and amazing staff. It boils down to this. There were moments on the trip that we thought we’d seen it all or wouldn’t see something better, and Christopher would continue to surprise us with new information or pull around a corner just at the right time to see something new. When we go back (not IF), we will definitely use I Dream of Africa again. It’s nice to support a local business, but not at the cost of sacrificing any of the experience. I Dream of Africa and Christopher is the best way to do a Safari in Tanzania period. From the planning process via email to the day to day driving, I would highly recommend them to anyone no matter what!