Fair Travel Tanzania

“Your Footprints Matter”

Fair Travel™ lets you explore Tanzania with quality, safety and value – for you and the local people. Our highest priority is happy customers so we dedicate mind and soul in every detail to make your adventures a lifetime experience. But we also believe in happy locals so we pay fair salaries, support the local economy, behave responsibly to nature and use all profits for the benefit of local community and natural conservation. We make sure that your footprints matter. If you’re looking for cheap ‘tourist traps’ with low concern of quality and safety; tour companies who take your money, pay low wages and expect you to add up staff salary with tips; or prefer that profits from your adventures leak out of Tanzania or increase income gaps – keep looking elsewhere.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Kilimanjaro + Safari + Zanzibar
Andrew McIntosh Canada 27 Feb 2018

Excellent 5
Fair Travel did a fantastic job helping us complete a once in a lifetime trip to Tanzania, which included a Kilimanjaro trek, safari with cultural interaction experiences and relaxing stop in Zanzibar. Fair Travel Tanzania is a unique tour operator, whose adventures are affordable and benefit local communities. Trip pricing is transparent and their staff are not dependent on tipping. Our tour manager (Jorin) did a great job helping us come up with an itinerary for the safari portion of the trip. We visited Mto wa Mbu, Lake Manyara NP, Tarangire NP, Serengeti NP, the Ngorongoro crater and Lake Eyasi. Mto wa Mbu is a unique town that is known for its crops of rice and red bananas. This cross-cultural melting pot is home to approximately 120 tribes. Our half-day visit gave us the opportunity to interact with local farmers, as well as artisans, craftsmen and painters. And of course we were able to sample local banana beer. At Lake Eyasi, we spent a morning hunting / visiting with the Hadzabe tribe, then stopped by a Datoga family to see their blacksmith handicraft. Both visits were nothing short of remarkable. Our safari guide (Olais) was exceptional. He was able to anticipate where various animals would be found, so we were able to see them quietly before other vehicles would show up. He was able to answer our many questions on the various animals and birds we saw, and would get back to us later with answers on the rare occasion that he was unsure at the time. And most importantly, he was totally committed to ensuring the trip met our expectations. If you are planning a safari or combined Kilimanjaro & safari trip to Tanzania, we strongly recommend that you use Fair Travel.
Mt. Kilimanjaro + Safari + Zanzibar
Mark Read Australia 19 Nov 2017

Excellent 5
I am a 50yr old, Australian man, solo traveller.... I came across Fair Travel completely by accident after reading a number of reviews about poorly paid wages in Africa (esp' Tanzania). Making a different starts at the individual and I decided to find and book with a company that paid decent wages and whereby staff were not reliant on tips. After finding Fair Travel, I made contact with Jorin and initiated attaining 3 seperate quotes for a Mt. Kilimanjaro (8 day Lemosho Route) climb, Safari in NW Tanzania and 5 nights in Zanzibar. I attained several quotes, but was always impressed that Jorin answered emails quickly - normally within 1-2 days. I was also able to have direct contact through WhatsApp and Skype. After reading multiple reviews (plus searching for any type of fraud), I finally made a deposit and booked around 7 months before my adventure. Time would tell it I was going to be defrauded. Happily, everything went perfectly. Jorin stayed in contact and the company did a great job making a few small modifications. On the day of arrival, I was met at the airport, taken off to the hotel, had the optional coffee tour and commenced my hike. The tour operator helped me out in Moshi by even organising a local (Halotel) SIM for my iPhone. Later on I met the Lead Guide, he checked my gear, had a beer and lastly met my hiking companions. The hike left on time. Everything was well organised, even water and food supplied on the bus to the Londorisi Gate. The hike was better than great. Only 3 foreigners (nc' me), around 10 porters, 1 cook, 1 waiter/cook/porter and 2 guides - both in their 30's and well experienced - Baraka and Robert. Baraka spoke very good English and a little German, was fun, but serious when needed. Robert spoke good English to, and appeared more knowledgable about the flora and fauna. Both guides worked together well. The hike was difficult but well managed. I had my own 4 person tent - well worth it! The food was plentiful, varied and tasted great. No sick stomach. We had our own toilet - I've recommend this as sometimes the tents can be a 100m away from the public toilets which were very dirty - limited water to clean them. The final night of climbing to the summit was very cold = -13c and windy. Hands and nose were cold. Wear 4-5 layers on top and 3+ on legs. The final ascent is very very very slow walking, with a long line of people. When you stopped, you got cold. Handwarmers a good idea. At the Uhuru Peak, we got some great photos and video - search Youtube for 'markreadau'. After only 20mins at the top, we headed down. From Barafu Camp, 9.5 hours of walking to the summit and back. Add another 3.5 to Mweka Camp and it was a hard day. Overall, a fantastic experience that was well managed. Oxygen was carried, but not needed. Baraka even carried my daypack when it got hard. Back in town, final certificate and a beer - well earned! There was also no expectation of tips too. Ask these guides! Next was the Safari with Edward (guide) and Joesphat (cook). I was the only person. Great experience visiting 4 different Convervation areas + National Parks - Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Lake Eyasi. Tarangire had the most elephants. Ngorongoro is compact and quick to see everything. Serengeti is huge, but had the most lions, zebra and wildebeest. Lake Eyasi (salty) was quiet and peaceful. Edward was a great guide and lots of fun. Very knowledgeable and easily to have a conversation with. Joesphat cooked great food for us and had a great smile. Both spoke good English and provided a good amount of interaction, without being bossy or imposing. All travel by Land Cruiser. Good vehicle, no issues. Ask for these staff! Last was Zanzibar. Fair Travel organised a domestic flight and recommended a good hotel with competent staff and food. Foreign owned (Finnish owner), and local staff. Good pool. Overall, a great trip. I had lots of activities planned and Fair Travel come through great. Locals operate on (Tanzania time) so expect some things to take 2, 3 or 4 times longer than at home, but learn to relax. Finally, I'd like to call of Jorin, Baraka, Robert, Edward and Joesphat for making a memorable trip for my first time to Africa. Life long friends made! Would I book through them again - absolutely!!!
Amazing Tour Company!
Nikolina Ilic Canada 12 Oct 2016

Excellent 5
My friends climbed Kilimanjaro for a week and then joined my sister and I for a safari in Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area as well as a day visiting various tribes. Some internet research showed us that many tourist companies in Tanzania take a lot of money from tourists but terribly exploit their employees, forcing them to work under very inhumane conditions. We found the Fair Travel non-profit tour operator (http://www.fairtravel.com/) on an NGO website which was started to try and improve the terrible conditions kili porters are usually working under (http://www.kiliporters.org/). As we could not find trip advisor reviews on Fair Travel, we got a Bradt Travel guide that confirmed FairTravel was the only company that paid their employees 2-4 factors more and had them working under way better conditions while charging us the same prices as other companies. We booked with them and it was amazing! We talked to many of their employees who indeed confirmed Fair Travel pays much better under way better working conditions. Our equipment (truck, tents, dining table, dining chairs, sleeping bags, etc) was new and really good quality. We talked to travelers whose drivers slept in the car and cooks on the kitchen floor, ours had their own tent and were well equipped. Our driver Eli, was very kind and knowledgeable, telling us many facts about the park, the animals, the different tribes and people of Tanzania. Our cook, Paolo was amazing, the food was hotel-quality, the meals were elaborate and delicious. I also have a quite sensitive stomach and Paolo's was the first food I had in Africa/Asia that did not upset my stomach. Their background was also really amazing to hear about, but is theirs to tell so I will leave that for you to ask. I highly recommend this tour operator! It was started by a guy who climbed Kilimanjaro and started his company to improve working conditions of porters. From what we can tell the quality of our tour surpassed the quality of the tours other travelers we had talked to were on. We also saw many broken trucks along the way, we had no problems. The tribe visits were one of the most interesting things I've done in my life. We saw saw many animals in both parks!