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El Mundo Safari was founded and is run by Elvis Munis. Elvis was born in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and has always been a natural adventurer. He made his first ascent of the great Mt. Kilimanjaro while still a school boy. Since then his desire to explore has taken him world-wide, driven in part also by his passion for the environment. He has worked as teacher/trainer in ecology and conservation, led tours and cycled solo through most African countries. He recently found himself undertaking an epic cycling journey through 57 countries, traversing huge distances and harsh terrain alone in order to raise funds and awareness for ecological education in Tanzania, and to learn more about international environmental and conservational issues. It is with this passion, rich experience and determination that he leads his team of experienced guides, leaders, naturalists and trainers who will help you to achieve your own dream to learn about, experience and explore the world!
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
10 day Safari
Michael Tucker Australia 5 Dec 2016

Excellent 5
John was very helpful when planning this trip and met us on the morning we left. He reviewed our plans and introduced us to Vincent, our guide. Everything went without a problem. All hotels and lodges were fantastic (they were Serena). We had a different guide in Tanzania and both guys were great, very knowledgeable about the wildlife and knew where to go to find the animals. We had two sightings of a leopard(hard to find).We also had others to get us across the border and onto aircraft for part of trip. All went smoothly. We would use CKC again and definitely recommend them to others.
Best vacation ever!
Nicolas Le Dortz United States 29 Nov 2015

Excellent 5
The 5 days in Masai Maara were probably our most 5 exciting vacation days ever. We loved the breathtaking mixture of landscapes and animals and we came back with zillions of amazing pictures! Everything went smoothly with our driver John and our accommodation was as we expected with fun people to meet. We could tell that John was as excited as us to find animals and nice viewpoints and it seems that he would drive forever to find the most exciting wild life scenes (most notably a leopard). We just wished sometimes that he knew a little bit more about the animals. We also spent an entire day day with the Masai people learning about their culture and traditions: a transforming experience! Overall, it was an incredibly amazing time and we strongly recommend El Mundo Safaris. Elvis helped us design our safari to make sure it included everything we wanted. He was very responsive either over the phone or by email and offered us a lot of options with different budgets. We cannot wait to do another safari with El Mundo Safaris!
Experience of a lifetime!
Eduardo Carrillo United States 19 Aug 2015

Excellent 5
I decided to use El Mundo Safari for my Kilimanjaro climb and following safaris for one major reason, the dedication to the experience. Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of toughest things I have ever done in my life, but I never once thought I couldn't make it. The guides were phenomenal and were always there to make sure I could do it. From the food, to the encouragement, and the knowledge of the wildlife, flora, and fauna, everything about it was incredibly high quality. Not only did they make sure I made it to the top of the mountain, but they made sure I got there feeling as best as I could, and I learned so much. The safaris were another incredible experience, thanks to El Mundo Safaris. Very punctual, the drive to the parks was full of information about Tanzania, Masaii Villages, and knowledge of the cities around. Our driver was very dedicated to making sure we enjoyed our experience and learned about the animals. Knowing that safaris are often a once in a lifetime experience, our driver made it his goal to make sure we got to see as many animals as possible. Seeing the black rhinos in Ngorongoro was an experience I will never forget! Thanks El Mundo Safaris!