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Easy Travel & Tours Ltd. is among one of the Tanzania's fastest growing companies. Started operations in Tanzania since 1987 as a travel agent and earned a reputation for excellent customer service. In 1997 we extended our services offering full-fledged travel and tours services for both in and out bound market from Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar offices making our network complete throughout Tanzania. Our core values are what we stand for being passion for service, doing the right way, unique adventure and experiences and improving people's lives. Our success and rapid growth is due to our people's dedication. We love what we do and our team strives for excellent service. Our products include a comprehensive collection of safaris into Tanzania's northern and southern circuits, mobile luxury camping safaris, exclusive itineraries to less exploited areas, cultural & ethnic tours as well as beach holidays. We also specialize in mountaineering / hiking packages having put in place the logistics necessary to offer top quality itineraries in this category. Both regular departures and tailor made safaris are competitively priced and specifically designed to suit your budget. Our ticketing department will also help you with specific travel arrangements including International & Domestic flights, shuttle, train, ferry and bus tickets. We are one of the few safari operators that owns and operates an entire fleet of custom built 4WD safaris vehicles. After 25 years, our fleet comprises of more that 35 modern extended four wheel drives that have been customized for safari use. Every 4 x 4 extended Land Cruiser is custom built to our specifications with comfortable seven seats, safety belts, large 'pop up' photographic roof hatch, dusting proofing, HF radio calls, binoculars, reference books on mammals, birds, flora and fauna, luggage storage, electrical sockets and mini fridge with a supply of bottled mineral water. Our guides are carefully selected for their personality, wide knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for our style of tours. Never boring - you will find them informative, professional but down to earth with a real passion for showing you the very best of Tanzania! They pride themselves on entertaining you with tales of Tanzania's rich national parks, culture and legend to ensure a memorable experience of the real Tanzania. Speaking French, Spanish, Germany, Italian. Of course all our drivers and guides are trained to meet the high standards of the Tanzania Tourism Industry.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Great Company, Easy to Deal With
Ayla Aktan United States 6 Jul 2017

Excellent 5
Trip Planner: Gladys Wilfred Transfer Driver: Said Tour Guide: Cornel Length of Stay: 9 days Tour Type: Private In looking for a safari company to use when traveling to Tanzania, we were advised to keep to companies based out of Tanzania itself opposed to another country; that is one of the best decisions we made. Upon comparing various companies to use, Easy Travel TZ consistently proved to be the most economical and reliable, among other factors that made Easy Travel TZ the best choice. To begin our safari planning, I contacted Easy Travel TZ and was promptly put in touch with our safari planner, Gladys. From the first moment I spoke to Gladys, she was 110% committed to not only creating a safari that fit our needs, but made sure to take into account our budget. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly Gladys created a possible itinerary in a VERY easy to understand chart. [I am very visual, so this was a huge help to me] One of the biggest things that gave me great confidence in Easy Travel TZ from the beginning was how transparent they were about everything, from the price to what was and wasn’t included in that price. After going back and forth a few times with Gladys, we created the perfect itinerary that took into account both what we wanted to see within a price that suited us. Throughout the whole process, Gladys was very considerate about what we wanted, revised our itinerary as many times as needed, and never go impatient about having to change various things for our trip before we confirmed it. Once we confirmed our trip she created a more in-depth itinerary which I also really appreciated, because the last thing one wants is miscommunication on what was expected. Also, a clear invoice was created that she kept updated as payments were made. When everything was settled, payment and itinerary, Gladys told us who would pick us up and our safari guide. Upon arriving in Tanzania, we were met by our transfer guide Said who had our sign, was ready to go, and made sure we were comfortable. [our flight was a bit late, but he was right up front and ready] Getting to Arusha was no trouble and Easy Travel TZ made the entire process effortless. We had a free day in Arusha, however, Gladys still made a point of coming to see us at our hotel in the evening to discuss our trip and make sure everything seemed fine. This was a nice little touch since it’s always good to meet the person whom you’ve talked to for many months online. The next day our guide, Cornel, was eager to start our safari, had the vehicle ready, and came to our hotel on time. One of the biggest things that will make or break a safari is the guide, and I am happy to say we had one of the best guides out there as a first safari to Tanzania. The entire time Cornel was attentive, spotted the animals, and was well versed about the animals in each park. Throughout the whole trip, Cornel was very easy to talk to and always made sure to accommodate us in anything we needed. During our drives, he skillfully maneuvered the hard terrain and made sure the ride was as comfortable as he could make it. [keeping in mind the roads are very bumpy, something the drivers cannot help, but he did a great job nonetheless] It should be added, the vehicles Easy Travel TZ uses are in very good condition considering the roads they travel on, and we never had a break down. When we arrived at each park he was able to spot the animals, from a huge Elephant to a tiny Lizard running along a rock. Not only did Cornel do a phenomenal job spotting animals, he knew facts and figures about every animal we saw. Along with knowing information about each animal we saw, he had extensive knowledge about the villages and parks we visited. No point during the trip did I feel Cornel didn’t care about finding the animals for us, and one time he said, “You guys just relax and I’ll do the work of finding the animals”. It was a real pleasure having Cornel as a first-time safari guide [our first safari] and will definitely ask for him next time if I can. Along with driving well, he always made sure to park so that we got the best view possible. Whenever we entered a new park he did all the paperwork for us and we had no issues at all, too. Even towards the end of the day when we were getting a bit tired, Cornel never stopped scanning the land for animals. To say the least, Cornel is very dedicated to giving the customer a great experience. After the safari when we came back to Arusha, Gladys met us one more time to make sure the safari went well and if we had any feedback. This was nice because you can tell Easy Travel TZ is devoted to making sure the customer doesn’t feel forgotten once you send them your money and that if there’s any issue they are there to assist. Unlike some companies who may just send you a survey at the end of a trip, Easy Travel TZ meets you in person after the trip to make sure everything went well. I highly recommend using Easy Travel TZ for any of your safari [and climbing Kilimanjaro] needs, be it a group safari, private safari, day safari, or week long safari. No matter what you’re looking for, they will work with you to create a memorable trip that fit within your budget. Plus, no matter what your budget, the places they select for you to stay at are comfortable. Thanks Gladys for organizing our amazing safari, and Cornel for being an incredible guide.
Perfect trip! Tanzania: 13 days, 6 National Parks
Donna Kramer United States 28 Nov 2016

Excellent 5
Easy Travel did a great job with our safari in Tanzania. 13 days, 5 national parks, plus visits to tribal settlements. We arranged the tour through Matoke Tours based in Uganda because our tour started in Rwanda with a gorrilla-trek. Matoke contracted with Easy Travel to handle our safari in Tanzania. It was easier for us, being in the USA, to work with just one agency who could arrange tours in both Rwanda and Tanzania plus the flight from Kigali to Arusha. This was our first trip to Africa. Our family of 3 wanted a custom, personalized tour that combined the National Parks we wanted to visit with some cultural activities, on our own time schedule. Everything was handled professionally and in a friendly manner. Activities and Lodging planned for our trip were better than we expected (We are usually budget travelers, and for this trip we had 3-star lodgings: beautiful, safe, quiet luxury surroundings). Our driver Freddie Kapinga is a professional who knows every road in the central Serengeti. His timing to show us wildlife was amazing ! When he said “Let’s Go!” We said “OK!” We knew he would show us something spectacular, like a leopard, nine lion cubs, or two lions mating ! He spoke English and Swahili which was very helpful. The 4x4 vehicle was in great condition, including seat belts. We saw their fleet of vehicles at their work location, very impressive. The vehicle was very comfortable, equipped with mini-fridge and electrical charger. We used both of these a lot. The cost for a custom safari trip was not much more than a standard group tour. You cannot put a price on the freedom of having our own driver, being able to change our schedule as we wanted or needed to. Easy Travel gave us a briefing before the trip at their main office. The work area for their many agents was modern and pleasant. A representative called us several days later to ask how everything was going and if we needed anything. Then had a private meeting with us at the end to ask our honest opinions. Great customer service. We would not hesitate to recommend Easy Travel or to use them again. Our safari adventure was even better than I imagined. Asante Sana !