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E-Trip Africa is a division of the Worldwide Travel Group LLC, a registered and licensed Tour Operator based in the United States.

The company offers a wide variety of Treks and Safaris in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda), which are managed by the company’s operations offices located in each country. Through personal attention, the team of travel professionals strives to give every client their ideal “trip of a lifetime”.

The experience of the team is unrivaled and their knowledge is in depth having personally visited each and every camp, lodge, hotel, and activity they offer. With operations being managed locally by a senior director of the company, you can be assured that no detail will be missed.

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Why book with us?

The philosophy of E-Trip Africa is created around the concept of sustainable tourism. We see sustainable tourism as the balance of the kinds of experiences we offer and the expectations of our clients against the ability of the host communities to manage the social impacts of our visits, as well as, the natural environments ability to absorb the unavoidable negative impacts of our visits.

In order to understand the symmetry, E-Trip Africa closely monitors every aspect of a Tour. This allows us to fully comprehend the complex relationships of tourism. This further allows our team to easily identify negative impacts and find solutions in order to reduce or eliminate them. Visit the links to learn more about the ways that E-Trip Africa is Increasing Positive Impacts and Reducing Negative Impacts.

E-Trip Africa is committed to meeting your expectations. By providing you with honest advice and complete detailed information, we can match your expectations with the local reality, ensuring an excellent trip. However, if along the way we or one of our suppliers fail to meet your expectations, we will make it right.