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E-Trip Africa is a division of the Worldwide Travel Group LLC, a registered and licensed Tour Operator based in the United States.

The company offers a wide variety of Treks and Safaris in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda), which are managed by the company’s operations offices located in each country. Through personal attention, the team of travel professionals strives to give every client their ideal “trip of a lifetime”.

The experience of the team is unrivaled and their knowledge is in depth having personally visited each and every camp, lodge, hotel, and activity they offer. With operations being managed locally by a senior director of the company, you can be assured that no detail will be missed.

Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Turning a Dream into a Reality
Linda Hansen United States 9 Oct 2017

Excellent 5
Working with e-Trip Africa could not have been easier. From the quick response to our first email until the last goodbye, everything was seamless. I was stunned when after several emails, Ben Jennings asked to set a time to call me to better help plan our safari. Ben was kind, patient, and informative as he listened to and answered my unending questions. His response to emails was timely. If he was busy and unable to respond completely, Ben would sometimes send a quick note informing me of when I should expect to hear from him. He wanted to know our expectations. I was never pushed to alter our budget. Yes, we spent more than the original budget, but this was due to our desire to meet our expectations. Well into the planning of our trip, we decided to add the hot-air balloon ride. At Ben's suggestion, we added returning to Arusha from the northern Serengeti by plane and we were so happy to have listened to him. Ben took the time to be at the airport with David, our driver/guide, upon our arrival. He demonstrated a true desire to make everything flawless. We were fortunate to spend our 10 days with the fun, smart, kind, witty, eagle-eyed David. It would be impossible to have a better guide. David was a patient teacher. As he learned we were interested in all the birds, animals, trees, and flowers... David always took the time to explain and point out everything. He would turn off the engine of our land rover to explain the behavior of an animal and tell us why he wanted us to sit and wait. He never drove away without asking if we were ready and had finished taking the pictures we had wanted. His wealth of knowledge was amazing. He wanted us to know about the country and the culture of the people, enhancing our trip in every way. We were happy with all our accommodations: Tarangire Safari Lodge, Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge, Nieleze (in the Seronera Serengeti), and Mara Under Canvas (Kogatende Serengeti). The accommadations were good at each as were the staff who cared for us and the food. Actually, the food was more than anyone could eat. Yes! We saw the 'big 5', but we saw so much more. I kept a list and have the names of 78 animals and birds on it. We never dreamed we would see so much. The weather was perfect and the only thing that made the trip difficult at times were the bumpy roads. We were in an immaculate, new vehicle. Our land rover could not have been better, but the roads... well, let's be serious they are dirt roads that are rutted from other vehicles and the rain in rainy season. Such is life... There was one poor experience to our trip... the moment when we had to say goodbye to David, our teacher and friend.
A tale of three Countries
Julia Hubbel United States 17 Mar 2015

Excellent 5
ETrip Africa once again set up a wondrous itinerary for a solo athletic traveler in her early sixties, which offered a superb smorgasbord of adventure, sights, village visits, cultural exploration and pure adrenalin. That would include Class V rapids on the Nile, gorilla trekking, chimp trekking, long gorgeous drives through Rwanda and Uganda, the reasonable tent facilities as requested to meet my budget needs and my preference to greet the morning through tent flaps, and a nice hotel thrown in to wash the spiders out of my coconut. I went back to do a longer camel safari in Tanzania which was fun but I won't be in TZ again in February, that was just too hot, but it was great fun. If you do this DO NOT expect amenities, expect real African adventure and conditions, and that's what makes it authentic and real. Ben and Aurelie are highly responsive, great listeners, quick to shift and change if they need to accommodate, and they love it when you come back happy. I'm already thinking about the next Africa trip and ETrip will be doing it for me. They are the best- they take care of every single tiny detail, their guides are the best. Alex Guma, my Ugandan guide, did yeoman's work to get me rescheduled when an illness sidelined me for the day I was to go gorilla trekking. If not for his help I'd have missed out. Their guides are the best, and they are great company on those long drives cross country. I can't recommend this company more highly. For me, the food is a non issue. I'm happy with a carton of yogurt and a piece of pineapple.
Hard to believe it all happened
Seth Tebockhorst United States 12 Jan 2015

Excellent 5
The bottom line: this is a glowing review of a longer than average trip (38 days) that was thoughtfully planned, meticulously arranged, and expertly executed. I have attempted to write the review I wanted to read when I was researching this. That is, one that contains information allowing me to relate our situation and desires to the experience of the reviewer so that we could make an educated decision. I’ve tried to break it into separate digestible pieces, so you can skip around to our thoughts on the company itself, our experience, our situation, etc. as you like. The information below was gathered from tour operators (this company and others), guides, lodge employees, local residents, and fellow travelers. About us: My fiancé and I are both 30-something, fairly active professionals (students until quite recently) who were lucky enough to get time away from work for a long trip. We enjoy outdoor pursuits, good food, and wildlife and are comfortable with a range of levels of luxury (i.e. camping to five stars). We are relatively well traveled and started out thinking that we would do much of this on our own. After a good amount of research we eventually concluded that doing East Africa on our own would likely lead to an inferior trip at a higher cost in terms of both time and money. That was absolutely the right conclusion in retrospect. We were after experiences rather than pampered luxury. We would prefer comfortable camping in the middle of the national park to the posh luxury lodge isolated from its surroundings by walls, fences, etc. As it turns out, you can’t stay in the middle of many of the national parks in East Africa without stepping up to some (rather high) level of luxury so we ended up staying in fairly nice places that were well worth the experience. We wanted a private journey, just us and a driver/guide. We weren’t sure we could afford it, but in retrospect it was well worth the relatively small additional cost. If we had a couple of friends that we knew well, it would have been OK to have them along, but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend hours on safari with strangers who have different interests and priorities. It’s just not the same trip. In very broad strokes, I would describe us as relaxed but discerning travelers. Our trip: A very brief version of our itinerary: Kenya - Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli Tanzania – Kilimanjaro hike, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti Uganda – Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi, Jinja Zanzibar, Mafia islands What stood out most to us about the logistics of our trip was the incredible amount of research that went into planning it. They had quite obviously been to every place they sent us, and had a discerning eye for the variables which would make the experience pleasant. It wasn’t just that they placed us at a comfortable place near to what we came to see or do. It was that they placed us at the comfortable place with the English speaking manager and the good food and nice rooms in quiet and beautiful surroundings that was near what we had come for. The level of thought and consideration for what the trip would actually be like as a whole was very impressive. Other companies who sold “customized” journeys seemed to be selling some combination of modular experiences. Something along the lines of: “combine the Tarangire module with the Ngorongoro module and the Serengeti module” where each module is a self-contained unit of a specific lodge and experience. Not so with E-trip. They listened to what we wanted, asked questions to clarify, and then gave us experiences and lodging that suited us. We weren’t tied to something simply because the tour company had pre-arranged itineraries or agreements with particular places. It was a truly customized journey, designed for us by people who took the time understand what we valued. I think much of this is a product of the fact that they live in Tanzania and are very plugged into the culture and economics of the area. After the planning was all done and we started our trip, I had expected that there would be bumps in the road. It seemed impossible to me that we could spend nearly 40 days traveling by car, boat, and plane across three countries and countless language and cultural barriers without something getting dropped somewhere along the line. Nope, it was all to plan without a hitch. I’m still dumb founded by it. As an example, it was day 30 something of the trip and we had driven from the east coast to the west coast of Zanzibar to take a tour of Stone Town before our flight out to Mafia. The detailed itinerary we were given more than four weeks prior said there would be a driver to take us to the airport at noon. After we met up with our tour guide and walked around Stone Town for a few hours, we returned to where we had met our guide to find a driver whom we had never met waiting for us. We hadn’t called him, our guide hadn’t called him, he was just there. It’s quite likely that he had received at least one phone call from E-trip in the day or so preceding our arranged meet, but at the time it seemed like logistical wizardry. Thirty something days into a trip and the guy is just sitting there waiting for us 10 minutes before we were supposed to be there. What’s more is we had come to expect this kind of treatment. It’s hard to overstate the value of being able to relax into the journey knowing that someone skillful has taken care of every little detail and you really don’t have to spend one second of your time in Africa thinking about how to get things done. Looking back at the itinerary, the driver’s phone number was on our itinerary along with phone numbers for every lodge, driver, etc. during the trip just in case, but we never needed them. That’s how well it was planned. I think it would be extremely difficult to plan a 40 day journey around my home town without something going wrong, and these guys did it across three countries in Africa which speaks volumes about how tight of a ship they run. The company – They are run by a husband and wife team (American and French ex-pats) who live in Tanzania with their young son and are intimately involved in making sure things go well. They both have a long history of trying to make this world a better place and of doing so in Africa specifically (peace corps, etc.). As a result, they are very knowledgeable about the geographic, social, and political climate in the areas they work. This sets them apart from the vast majority of other companies who will tell you that they operate locally, but in actuality they charge you what they will, take their cut, and then outsource your trip to somebody on the ground in Africa. The locally owned companies we came across seemed to do OK, but it’s not the same as someone who understands western culture but lives the day to day in Africa. There just isn’t a substitute for that combination. If you have a problem, and somebody has to call somebody on another continent to try to fix it, it’s not likely to go as well as if you hop on the cell phone provided to you at the start of the trip and call the owner of the company. It has been my experience in the past, that people who have a heart and strive to lift the world around them are not necessarily the most business savvy. That is absolutely not the case with these two. They are quite business savvy; they understand the expectations of western tourists, and embrace the accountability which that requires. They do business in an incredibly responsible and transparent manner which allows you to make value judgments about your experience ahead of time and to feel as though you’ve contributed to making things better in Africa afterward. It became clear when we were researching that companies charge a premium for the service of arranging a trip for you (which is reasonable), but will not detail the costs associated with that service or even the individual portions of the trip like the price of a particular lodge. That makes it very difficult to make value judgments about what things are really worth to you. These guys took the time to answer our emails thoughtfully, to discuss things over the phone in great detail (via skype), and to get an idea of what we wanted not just what we were asking for. At each step they told us what each individual thing would cost so we could talk about what things we really valued. In addition, they don’t own or operate any lodges of their own, so they don’t have any conflicts of interest when it comes to picking a place for you to stay. This is a big deal and one many companies aren’t necessarily forthcoming about. In the end, the level of research and effort that went into constructing our customized trip was clearly so far beyond the 40 or so other companies that I communicated with, at a lower and transparent cost, that the choice became obvious. I even spoke with a few tour operators who wondered aloud how it was possible to arrange the trip we took at the price we paid – they simply couldn’t do it. Suffice it to say that I think you would be foolish not to at least call/email them to see what they can do for you. Do it and you will see what I mean.

Why book with us?

The philosophy of E-Trip Africa is created around the concept of sustainable tourism. We see sustainable tourism as the balance of the kinds of experiences we offer and the expectations of our clients against the ability of the host communities to manage the social impacts of our visits, as well as, the natural environments ability to absorb the unavoidable negative impacts of our visits.

In order to understand the symmetry, E-Trip Africa closely monitors every aspect of a Tour. This allows us to fully comprehend the complex relationships of tourism. This further allows our team to easily identify negative impacts and find solutions in order to reduce or eliminate them. Visit the links to learn more about the ways that E-Trip Africa is Increasing Positive Impacts and Reducing Negative Impacts.

E-Trip Africa is committed to meeting your expectations. By providing you with honest advice and complete detailed information, we can match your expectations with the local reality, ensuring an excellent trip. However, if along the way we or one of our suppliers fail to meet your expectations, we will make it right.