Dorobo Safaris

Dorobo Safaris was originated in the early 1980s in Arusha, Tanzania. Since its beginning, Dorobo has based its adventure travel on the philosophy that our natural environments (and wilderness and wildlife) are intimately and irrevocably linked to people - both locally and globally. Dorobo has designed unique wilderness travel for individuals and groups. Their background in the natural sciences along with their knowledge of the peoples of East Africa provide stimulating educational experiences. African cultures are serendipitously met while on camping and walking safaris in wilderness areas of Tanzania. These special adventures engage participants in issues of ecology, culture and development. Dorobo is proud of all their wilderness-trained, English and Swahili speaking staff. They cook and serve the freshest camp fare of locally available ingredients.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Dorobo: Best safari for adventure
dan Wolff United States 1 Aug 2014

Excellent 5
We just completed a 20 day adventure with Dorobo Safaris and it exceeded our wildest expectations. Dorobo is very well organized and they are different than most companies in that they specialize in cultural exposure as well as taking you far away from civilization to see just about every animal possible. We spent about half of the 20 day trip in the remote wilderness where we saw no other tourists: 3 days with the hunter-gatherer Hadza tribe hunting, digging and eating roots, collecting honey, making arrows and singing. A highlight for the 4 of us was visiting their little schoolhouse and delivering soccer balls and some meager school supplies to about 50 kids. These kids literally have nothing but the clothes on their back but are happy and very friendly. We sat around asking them a million questions and listened to them sing songs. ALL Tanzanians are some of the friendliest and open people I have ever met. We also spent 2 days with 4 Masai as our guides, climbing a small mountain called Oldonyo Sambu and spent the night listening to their stories, laughing and learning their dances. A highlight for me was sitting around the campfire making 4 Masai laugh at my jokes through interpretation. Not easy! The other days consisted of game drives through Tarangire National Park where we saw hundreds of elephants, 4 leopards, black rhino and about 50 lions, to Ngorongoro Crater which as one of the largest concentrations of animals anywhere, to the Serengeti for wildlife walks (where we always had guards with AK-47s and elephant rifles). The guides make the difference and our guy Douglas was the best. He is a world class bird expert and knows over 1000 birds by sight, sound or silhouette. He also had amazing personal connections to local tribes that let us into their homes (Masai bomas). On most nights we were visited by lions, leopards, hyena, jackal and hippos…right outside the freekin tent! There was never anything to fear, as long as you stayed in the tent! Every night and morning was an orchestra of animal sounds; both feathered and furry (oh and hippos and elephants.) I would recommend Dorobo to everyone who wants to have a life changing experience in the heart of Tanzania.
Bowles-Estes Safari 2012
Harry Bowles United States 28 Sep 2013

Excellent 5
Without a doubt the most rewarding vacation of our lives. The Dorobo outfit is world class and catered to our every need. Our guides (Mika & Kisana) were spectacular; knowledgeable, entertaining, kind, caring and considerate. Our safari was well thought out and had a tremendous mix of experiences. We toured some of the more traditional parks in our vehicles but also did a reasonable amount of cross country driving and hiking, finding our way with a handheld GPS device. The camps were rustic but cozy, the food elegantly simple and delicious. We spent 5 days living with the Hadza in the Yaida Valley which was a mind altering experience. The Hadza may be the most generous people on our planet. They spent time in our camp, patiently teaching us how to make arrows, laughed while we attempted to use their bows for target practice, took us hunting with our newly made arrows, helped us climb a Baobab tree and treated us with freshly harvested honey while enduring hundreds of bee stings. An experience not to be missed. The wildlife we saw were highly varied and left little to the imagination. We observed the wildebeest migration, saw numerous mating rituals, were privileged to see lion, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, elephant, numerous eagles and other birds, hyena, buffalo, hippo, rhino and many more. Our safari was beyond special. Dorobo is without a doubt the premiere safari outfit in Tanzania.
Changed My Life!
Brandon Pang United States 21 May 2013

Excellent 5
I came here on a school trip, and it not only showed me the beautiful wildlife and wilderness of Tanzania, but also allowed me to interact with both the Masai and Hadza tribes. It gave me an in depth look into their lifestyles, one based around agriculture and the other focused on a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The trip took us all across the Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park. The staff were very friendly and fun to interact with, as well as informative. They didn't feel like just tour guides, they also felt like friends going on the safari with you. I will never forget my experience with dorobo safari and I hope that I may be able to return someday.