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Chameleon Safaris Namibia focuses on good quality and value for money African safari arrangements for individuals, families and group travel. We can offer you "small group" scheduled accommodated safaris, self drive safaris, tailor made safaris, fly in safaris and for the adventure traveler, good value guided camping safaris. Established in 1995, Chameleon Safaris has evolved to its current size through commitment to service and dedication to providing for our client needs. To continue providing this quality service, we have developed a dedicated sister company specializing in tailor made, group travel, self drive and special interest safaris, to further enhance the excellence of our products. Chameleon Holidays & Travel can deal with any tailor made request for Namibia, Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, South Africa and Uganda. Chameleon Safaris, run by Jackie Burton and Bossie Coetzer with a small dedicated team of professionals, can offer you scheduled accommodated safaris to the highlights of Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and Etosha National Park. Chameleon is a dynamic safari company which caters to all kinds of travelers and supports the local population to ensure that the tourism dollar is spread to all levels of the community.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
7 day Namibian highlights - great trip all over
Michael Tomkins Czech Republic 1 May 2014

Excellent 5
Hello, I generally don't write reviews or very short ones but this tour was clearly worth an exception... We did Chameleon's 7 days Namibian highlight in April 2014. We selected this tour for 2 main reasons - firstly, you get to see some of the North and the South without having to go back through Windhoek or staying too long in Swakpomund... Nice to see it but not that an interesting place - for us- so 1 night was just great. Secondly, we weren't sure if we were up for a camping tour and this accommodated tour, being priced extremely competitively compared to most of the campings one, comforted us in our decision. In all honesty due to the pricing we expected pretty basic facilities but we were wrong, very wrong. First of all our guide, Morne, was extremely good - local, very knowledgeable, curious about his country and sharing his findings, also curious about his customers, friendly, smiling, helpful, funny and a great cook - quite important as about half the meals are prepared by the guide possibly with some of your help (optional). The truck (up to 12 people, we were between 7 and 10 depending on the legs of the trip) offered good visibility to all - notably a great forward one (not common) and a lifting roof - great for game drive. Truck was clean, well maintained and handled well the gravels roads (most roads are gravel). On some days, the driving time is quite high but the comfort of the truck, the explanations from the guide and the unbelievable, dramatic and often changing sceneries make this longer drives ok. As they say - a hungry tourist is an unhappy tourist. Chameleon and Morne made sure we were well fed. Food was good, well cooked and in quantity. When not cooking, provided meals (by accommodations) were also very good. Finally, last but not least, the accommodation was great - this is were we had expected pretty basic facilities but not a all. All accommodations were clean and comfortable. The great surprise were the 2 permanent tents (part hard build, part canvas... Closer to a house than a tent)... The one near Etosha can be opened up onto the nature... And best of all the desert camp in the south. First class with breathtaking views of the surroundings mountains and desert. Just great. We had some great game runs in Etosha - saw quite a lot of animals including Rhino, Hyena, Lions, Giraffes, Jackals, Baboons, and a whole bunch of grazers. We also got to see more predators but in captivity (not releasable) such as lions, leopards, cheetah, wild dogs, ... Our guide was very knowledgeable on encountered animals, and detailed material was available. The drive through Damaraland and the coastal desert from Etosha to the skeleton coast (Swakpomund) was quite long but you get to meet some local tribes and the scenery is impressive notably if you have never driven in a desert. Swakopmund is a nice one night break to have some seafood and a good night sleep with a lie in (All other mornings are pretty/very early starts). The drive from Swapokmund to the desert camp is great with astonishing and ever changing sceneries - this was a beautiful drive day. The last step of the trip is the national park of Namib-Naukluft with Sossuvlei, Sesrien canyon and mostly Deadvlei. The famous "orange" Namib desert. We got to walk up the highest (big daddy) dune with was finally quite easy to climb as our guide ensured we were there early enough to handle the heat. Much more info on the content of the trip is available on Chameleon website but what we really wanted to point out is the quality of the equipment, facilities and guide as well as the great value for money. We were fully satisfied with our choice and it exceeded all expectations and would recommend this without hesitation. Some younger and older travelers were also on our tour and all seemed satisfied by provided facilities and rhythm of the tour. Thank you Morne and Chamaleon, Michael and Lenka (35-40 year old back/flash-packers)