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Andrew Campbell Safaris specializes in bespoke luxury safaris for the discerning traveler in East, Central and Southern Africa. As a qualified professional safari guide, I, Andrew Campbell, personally run and guide all the safaris myself. My safaris are customized for each of my guests and is either made up of personally selected luxury lodges throughout Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia or a combination of traditional luxury mobile camps and lodges in Kenya or Tanzania. Many of my guests have taken their first safari with me in Kenya and then return again and again to different parts of the continent on subsequent trips. I travel to the United States, Australia and Europe regularly to visit past and prospective guests to discuss their safaris in person. This way, each safari is tailor-made uniquely for you and your family. I take great pride in my ability to weave a magical picture of Africa for my guests during a safari - intertwining the diverse threads of flora, fauna, culture and history with folklore, politics and geography in a fun and undemanding way. Meeting you before your safari adventure starts is of great benefit to my planning. My guests, of all ages, say they feel more enriched and grounded after one of my safaris, something I take as a great compliment.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
10 years of Safaris with Andy
Chris Koski United States 19 Feb 2015

Excellent 5
This year will be my 10th year and 12th Safari with Andy Campbell Safaris. Each trip Andy finds a way to share the magic of the bush experience as if it's your first time. Andy makes the whole experience easy with his care for the travel details and high level of preparatory communications. I have traveled with Andy to Uganda to see the gorillas, to Tanzania to see the Crater and the traveling sand dune, to Zambia where the river safaris are amazing, to Victoria Falls flying over in an Ultra Light, and to Kenya at least 5 times to multiple preserves and camps, all were luxurious with delightful food and good company. My favorite aspect of traveling with Andy is that no matter how many times he has seen something, he is just as excited as his guests to see the next leopard, Cheetah, buffalo, rhino, zebra, bird or herd of wildebeests! His love of the land and the game is contagious. Plus his knowledge of their habitats and behavior is endless. I learn something new and amazing every day of every trip. This year we are off to Zimbabwe, I am counting the days until we are tracking the lovely lions and sipping sundowners!