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Serian is about feeling at home! The ability to leave ones phone, watch and email behind. Divorcing oneself from the everyday world and being seduced by the rhythm of the African plains. Our aim is to translate a real experience into your safari. At Serian we encourage you to immerse yourself in an experience, this means that you have to have your own dedicated vehicle. This is non negotiable! What it means is that you can plan your day to suit whether you choose to laze in bed or get going pre-dawn and capture the mist and sunrise as it forces its way over the horizon. Whether you decide to carry a picnic, walk, drive, stay out all day or come home after half an hour the choice is yours! Dinners are family affairs and you can swap stories over the dinner table and work out what to do and where to go the following day. Nature has no set schedule; we help you adapt as you go along! Our recommendation is a minimum five night stay and more often than not we encourage you to stay at least 7 nights in one area.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Another wonderful trip
Jax Hodgson United Kingdom 21 Jan 2013

Excellent 5
It was absolutely the right decision to meet my 3 children in Kenya recently & spend 10 wonderful days at Alex Walkers Serian camps - Ngare & Nkorombo. We had spent 6 days in The Serengeti with Alex, a couple of years ago & it was superb - this trip was equally so. The staff are all fantastic - so professional, friendly & happy. Thanks to the office staff who make it all happen - the transfer,hotel bookings & flights went so well. The camps are brilliant - so very very comfortable & positioned so well affording privacy & wonderful views of The Mara river & all it's inhabitants - Oh the joy of waking up to chatting Hippos. We had fabulous Game viewing - in fact unbelievable Game viewing - & special walking & fishing experiences too. Wow - it was so much better than I could have ever have wished. We will be back for sure. Thanks to every single member of Alex's brilliant team.
Serian Camp
Patricia Dubois Switzerland 21 Jan 2013

Excellent 5
I visited Serian in 2008 with my two daughters (late teens) and it was one of the most magical experiences in my life. I am widely travelled and have done safaris before but this was outstanding - the quality of the guides, the game we saw, the food and the atmosphere. It was wonderful to get away from mobile phones and the rat race! Serian is definitely 7 star. It does not come cheap and unfortunately I need to save up before I can go again but I would rather do one trip to a place like this than a dozen to places of a lessser calibre. If you have experienced Serian you cannot find better! And the memories last a lifetime!