The African Touch

Kenyan-born Karoma is a trained guide who has shared his continent with hundreds of travellers for over 20 years, while his Kiwi wife Tasha has worked with him since 2002. With their experience as overland guides and Karoma’s intimate knowledge of Africa’s geography and cultures, they make an unbeatable team. If you’ve dreamed of enjoying the wonders African tour & travel guides Karoma and Tasha of Africa, but don’t have the confidence or courage to undertake the adventure on your own, then The African Touch is for you. The African Touch caters for all ages, including the mature traveler, and gives travellers the opportunity to enjoy Africa without having to stay in luxury lodges. Until now only young travellers who are prepared to ‘rough it’ have been able to fully experience the excitement, magic and beauty of this stunning country. The African Touch enables you to experience the real Africa in a fun, safe and memorable way.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Kaye Jackson New Zealand 25 Oct 2014

Excellent 5
Tour met at Uganda and we were right into it, visiting the Chimps on Ngamba Island, White Water Rafting - so exciting- at Jinja - then looking at Hippos & crocodiles on Lake Baringo. Then Nakura N.P., Crescent Island and Masai Mara parks - elephants, wildebeest, giraffes, wart hogs, lions, cheetah, hippos, zebras, mongoose, baboons, ostrich, rhino, pink flamingos, and many many more. Not to mention village walks, boat trip, school visits, and Hot Air Ballooning, followed by a champagne breakfast. Visiting Stonetown and spice plantations in Zanzibar, lolling on wonderful beaches and golden sands - visiting an elephant orphanage, and giraffe park, museums, bead factory, and street markets. Every day was filled with excitement. Not once were we disappointed. African Touch- Tasha and Karoma have done a wonderful job. Right from the first enquiry Tasha filled me in on how much money I would need and what for, what clothing to take and what to expect. The trip started with the first day learning how to put up a tent, and take it down - in no time all of us had our tents up within 10 minutes - or down - with the friendly help of Karoma,Tony and Niko. Amos and his cooking - what can I say - other than everyone wanted to bring him home. Every meal was amazing, Tony's soups each night - to die for. Karoma's knowledge of Africa outstanding, he was helpful, very interesting, ran a very well organised truck. After dinner each night, Karoma filled us in on what to expect next day, and delighted us with his stories. Tent life was fun - a couple of nights it rained,but we didn't get wet. The mattresses were great, plenty of room in the tent, but it was fun to sleep in a real bed 6 nights of the tour. It was a wonderful tour, Karoma, Amos,Tony and Niko were always smiling, and nothing was too much trouble. What could be improved - nothing as far as African Touch went - just the pot holes in the road - wow!!!!!!!! Kaye - aged 67 - travelled by myself
Truly Amazing
Judy Drew New Zealand 19 Oct 2014

Excellent 5
When I signed up for The African Touch East Africa Safari I was filled with excitement and some trepadation being a women traveling on my own. Not to worry, I felt safe and well looked after throughout the whole trip. I was hopeing for a grass roots experience of Africa and Karoma and his team delivered in spades. Not only did I get to see the wildlife of Africa up close and personal, but also got to interact with the beautiful people, visited villages, tribes and markets and a school and orphanage. With Karomas first hand knowledge of the country, years of experience and his endless patience at my and my travelling companions many questions I learnt so much about the 'real'Africa. With three delicious meals catered every day and comfortable secure accommadation every night it was truly an amazing adventure to be remembered forever. Thank you Karoma and your hardworking team for helping to make my dreams of Africa come true! Judy
Diana Queenin New Zealand 12 Oct 2014

Excellent 5
Visiting Africa was well out of our comfort zone. We had doubts, concerns, fears and uncertainty. All of which were unfounded! This trip can be undertaken with confidence by anyone. We experienced more than we anticipated and came home feeling we had gained a new perspective on a part of the world that is rarely seen. We were well looked after but not smothered, and Karoma provided a level of care that was both necessary and appreciated. The tour itself had exactly the right mix of busy days interspersed with more relaxed travel, and the mix of culture and animals was just perfect. Having a company that caters for the more mature traveller was a bonus - we were all on the same page and the days activities were well within the range of everyone. Travelling in the specially constructed truck was comfortable and allowed for premium animal viewing, and the motel accommodation provided each night was clean and appropriate. The staff travelling with us were professional, friendly, accommodating and were a bonus to an already fantastic trip. We felt we got great value for money and would not hesitate to recommend The African Touch to anyone wanting a remarkable adventure.