African Springs Safaris

“Your African Safari Guide”

African Springs Safaris offers you wildlife adventures in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, including vacations on the coast, climbing Mt Kenya and/or Mt Kilimanjaro and Gorilla treks. Our safaris are tailor-made to fit you exactly, whether it is luxury or rustic, fast paced or relaxing...it's all about you!

Our goal is to make the process of planning a safari as simple as possible and that is a simple as us getting to know you. Share with us a little about yourself, what you consider relaxing and enjoyable, and what would make this safari perfect! Then our job is to take everything you have dreamed of and put it into one perfect safari made just for you!

We are passionate about the people of East Africa and the conservation of wildlife and want to help make this world a better place for all. Come and spend some time with us; you will be awed by the beauty of the land and your heart will be warmed by the people. You will not go home without leaving a part of yourself here and being forever changed

Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Unforgettable Safari Experiences in Kenya
Carol Ringer United States 16 Apr 2018

Excellent 5
After two weeks of mission service we extended our stay in Kenya for eight days. Kim DeWitt of African Springs Safaris arranged all the details for lodging with wonderful food buffets, transportation, guide and birding expert for that extended stay. This allowed us to just enjoy it all without worrying about those details! Kim was a good, available and prompt communicator through emails, phone calls and a mailing. She followed through with all she promised to do and provided personal service. My husband, Ben, and I spent a special day with Kim in Masai Mara National Reserve seeing many birds and many animals, including a lioness and her three cute cubs, a number of cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, zebras, impalas, buffalo, and the cute, small dik diks, to name a few. For the next seven days Kim had arranged for Mohammed to be our driver/guide. He was an excellent driver and bird expert, very pleasant to be with and took good care of us. Although we very much enjoyed seeing so many kinds of animals, our big focus of interest was seeing many of Africa's birds and we were not disappointed!!! Both Kim and Mohammed and his friend, Wilson, worked hard to find and identify many birds, which we enjoyed seeing. Because of their knowledge of birds and expertise in identifying them, we were thrilled to add more than 270 new species of birds to our life list. (Previously, since arriving in Kenya and when birding on our own, we had only been able to ID around 50 new species.) It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience which we will never forget. We highly recommend African Springs Safaris.
Amazing safari experience
Deborah Wynn United States 8 Apr 2018

Excellent 5
Just returned from my second trip to Kenya organized by the lady who operates African Springs Safari and was not disappointed! First trip was a mission service trip but we had many opportunities to view awesome wildlife. This trip was mostly a safari vacation and just as amazing as the first trip. Excellent driver & guide make for a personalized experience. I particularly like the fact that because they are directly involved in the community around the Masai Mara you have the opportunity to learn about the needs and participate in helping if you choose (this is not pushed on you at all). Excellent lodging & reasonable pricing add to the experience of a lifetime!
Game Viewing with African Springs Safaris
Rick Hintz United States 27 Apr 2017

Excellent 5
OK, admittedly we mixed a lot more into our two and a half weeks than just game safaris, but African Springs Safaris took care of all the reservations and transportation for the entire trip. We also stayed at the beach in Mombasa, and accomplished a medical/dental mission at several sites throughout the country. African Springs Safaris has a great network of connections at the best game resorts, so we stayed at some incredible places, eating like kings, and viewing wildlife from our lodges and the African Springs vehicles. The rooms were extremely comfortable, right above watering holes or other features. The meals were largely buffets, with incredible spreads of fresh local fruits, African and Indian dishes, and great desserts. Really great local knowledge and vehicles kept us all feeling safe and really close to the wildlife! We saw innumerable elephants, buffalo, and the other exotic animals, and loved the big cats (dozens of lions, one cheetah) best!