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Celebrating more than 23 years in running Tanzania safaris, Hezron Asunga is one of the country’s oldest and most respected tour guides. The Company Across Tanzania Expeditions was founded by Hezron, who grew up in the shadows of African Wildlife, where he co-habited with the wild animals, developing a deep interest in and sincere passion for them. We believe, with his extensive knowledge and experience, combined with our intense love of our country, nature, and it's wonderful diversity of animal life, we always give our client's the best bush experience possible in Africa. Our Guides are carefully selected for their passion, extensive knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm for our very personal style of tours. They are never boring - you will find them informative and professional, but down to earth, with a real passion for showing you the very best of Tanzania. Each guide prides themselves on entertaining you with tales of Tanzania’s rich national parks, culture, and legends to ensure you experience a memorable time in our country. French, Spanish, German and, Italian, and, English are all fluently spoken. Of course, all our Guides are trained to meet the high standards of Tanzania’s Tourism Industry.
Customer Reviews
Excellent 5 / 5
Highly recommended!
Orny Alon Israel 11 Nov 2016

Excellent 5
My husband and I booked a Tanzanian safari with Hezron Asunga of Across Tanzania Expeditions which included Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater, and a special hulf-day with the "Bush-men". We have been already impressed at the time we talked with Hezron by Email – we knew that we found a professional great local guide. Hezron met us in Kilimanjaro airport and ensured that we were happy and that all our needs were met every step of the way. This included a daily phone call to ensure everything went as planned, and also meeting on our way, when it was possible. Our Tanzanian guide and driver, Fred, was outstanding. He was knowledgeable and always found us the best position for great photos. He was also very kind and Patient, and funny as well. We had a great time with him. On our last day in Lake Eyasi, we had a wonderful surprise arranged by Hezron. In addition, Hezron and Fred did their best to make our honeymoon perfect, and gave us a free ride to the Arusha airport on our way to Zanzibar after the safari, and from Arusha to Kilimanjaro on our way back home, one week later. So, we found out that this company isn't just professional and trustworthy, but also made by people with a sensitive, giant hearts.
Tanzania + Safari + Amazing guide= Perfect Hooneymoon
tamar shtrul Israel 9 May 2016

Excellent 5
Hello everyone, I'm not usually a person who writes about his experiences, but because the trip was very successful, I would love to share personal tips we picked up along the way. Some details about us, we are both in the age of 30, we went on a honeymoon of four weeks from the beginning of September to early October 2015 Our real trip started as soon as we landed in Tanzania. our amazing tour guide (it will specify later) picked us up from the airport (included in the price of the safari) and put us at the hotel" Planet Lodge", the hotel is very nice, has a pool lovely, really good food (in the evening there is a great menu, very large rooms in the hotel and everything is clean. Our guide Pazo picked us up the next morning to start Safari of 4 nights. The details of Pazo I will leave at the end of the review. I will say that a couple of our friends did the same route (about) a year before and reccommanded fazo , he is so amazing!!!! We started at Tarangire, African roads are not always paved very nicely but the car was a big jeep and our guide was careful and responsible driver (and I am a scared person). on the Road we got the to experience the real Tanzania: villages, people, Masai etc .. very interesting and worth seeing. The first day we saw a lot of animals - elephants, giraffes, zebras and more. During the safari you see animals w from two meters but it is not dangerous and our guide could even tell us when little elephant is mad by his ears. NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY- It is very important to take a guide who understands and knows the area, first of all it will make you feel a lot more safe and secondly, when they tell each over the radios that there is something worth seeing, you need someone who can get there quickly so you do not miss out. The first night there we were alone and at first I was scared a little, our guide was so charming and instead of sleeping in the "guiders place" he opened a tent near us so we feel safe. On the second day we went to the Serengeti, on the way we passed through the Ngorongoro , we stopped at an amazing view point we stayed on Serengeti 2 nights, when I got there I realized how lucky I was the night before that we were alone in the showers with hot water, now the fun was over :) I forgot to mention before the Safari guide and the cook set up the tent for us, put there two small single beds with mattresses and sheets. the Serengeti camp showers were horrible, but at the end it turned out to be a really good and funny experience One night at 19 pm an elephant was visiting our camp looking for food in garbage cans. that was awesome to see. During the night you hear frightening voices of animals near the tent, it's very cool and authentic. However, there is no danger, the animals are afraid of us more than we are scared of them. I think it necessary to sleep in tents in the camp for the experience We have seen remarkable and unique things, if you've read this far there is a good chance you will go on the trip yourself so I will not detail much about the animals. Just say we have seen the best of nature (including the successful pursuit of a cheetah hunting a deer). On the 4th day we went to Ngorongoro Crater to look for rhinos, The last night we thought we would spend at the same place the first night but the great " across Tanzania expeditions" staff made a surprise for us and brought us to a gorgeous hotel called "Eileen's Tree House", a magnificent place, full of green trees, outdoor pull, WIFI After a few days without communication, and more. The surprise was very nice and the powerful shower with hot stream was something you never forget after a four-day safari. A few words about the our tour guide fazo: - no question we asked about animals or about nature or culture that he could not answer (and we ask a lot of questions). He is very open and nice, is a guide for 25 years and should retire safari tours in a few years. No request unanswered, was excellent connection and interesting conversations, he knew English that couldn't shame a British/American by birth. When we returned to Arusha (before we took a bus Lushuto) he went with us to buy a local SIM card (highly recommended) and waited in line for two hours with us. The subsequent days after the safari he sent messages and inquired how we were doing. In short, take the trip now, just for him I would do this trip again. our friends did the same trip with him a year before and were very happy too. he's just exceptional person and guide. His details: f_mwanga@yahoo.com> Tel +255 (0) 784 321 866 and +255 (0) 762 900 300 and f. Mwanga@gmail.com. The company full name is “ Across Tanzania Expeditions. Email address is “ info@acrosstanzaniaexpeditions.com or,asungahezron@gmail.com Telephone numbers are - +255(0) 784600077 and +255(0)658600079
Fabulous Family Fun
Susan Mays United States 17 Jan 2016

Excellent 5
Arrive Arusha, Tanzania to begin our 14 day journey starting in Tarangire National Park where we were enthralled with a herd of elephants bathing that day, some totally emerging themselves in the water. We sat and watched them play for quite some time. We also watched several female lions with five cubs who were looking to hunt impala, but they never made a kill. From here we moved on to the Serengeti National Park, my very favorite place in the world and were blessed to see a beautiful male lion close up in a tree on the first day there. I also saw a migration of cape buffalo coming from two directions to meet at the watering hole in the middle; I never saw so many of them at one time before. And on our way to the lodging for the evening, we saw two young giraffe sitting on either side of their mother; so unusual to see giraffe sitting. The next day, we spent a lot of time watching the migration of the wildebeest and zebra; why I love this place so much. The sound is so soothing to me. But the highlight in the Serengeti this trip was the leopard in the tree the next day that was not lazy; he very close by, alert, head up, standing, turning, walked down the tree. Many, many beautiful photos. My very favorite animal. Next we travel on to the Ngorongoro Crater to approach a female lion just finishing up with her kill and then watched while the vultures moved in until a silver back jackal came in to claim his portion and then the vultures returned. Saw my first baby hippo, and then a most beautiful migration of elephants in perfect line formation crossing right along side of our vehicle. Next day we sat and watched a pride of twelve lions interacting and playing with each other for a very long time. What I like best about this trip was that it was not just the four of us on expedition, but all five of us. Eric, our driver, was every bit a part of our experience as any of us. He guided us, fed us, laughed with us, shared with us, became part of our lives. The worst part of the trip was the day we experienced vehicle trouble. All I have to say is that it could have been worse; Eric got us to an area with picnic tables, gift shop, hiking trail, information center, snack bar, educational videos, restrooms. And this was the first time with this being my fifth safari with this company. As always with Hezron, the owner of the company, the accommodations are to your specifications, and ours were very, very nice. Some were even more modern than when I had been the last time; like electricity in the permanent tents and I wasn't sure it was a benefit. The food was fabulous once again. I always am amazed that the wait staff is amazed that I want the "African" fare on the menu. Go figure.