King Dawit Tours Ethiopia

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King Dawit Tours Ethiopia is one of a privately owned national tour operators; which the name “King Dawit” refers to Dawit I, was King Of Kings (1382 - 1413) of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomon dynasty. He was the younger son of Newaya Krestos.Owned and managed by experienced tourism professional Mr. Dawit Solomon (BA Degree in Tourism Management) & long years of experience in various Ethiopian tour companies in managerial position.Where its head office is located in Addis Ababa and work with the local community at the destinations to address globally demanded that tourism should be “pro-poor” to ensure the existence of sustainable environment, social, cultural values and mutual share of economical benefits.The staffs are holders of BA in Tourism Management and long years of experience in big travel companies and, well acquainted to the country’s, indigenous natural, social and culture values, and share an extensive knowledge, maintaining the utmost respect of customers for mutual benefit and carry responsible tour operations.

King Dawit Tours Ethiopia offers a variety choice of well designed tailored or package tours based on individual and/or group request.

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