Kilitreks & Safaris

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Kilitreks & Safaris is an experienced company for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru and wildlife safaris throughout Tanzania's national parks, reserves and conservation areas. We also organize vacations to Zanzibar and Pemba islands.

Tanzania based teams are trained to provide a high level of service from first contact to the final farewell. Excellent communication, itinerary planning, safety and quality are all ingredients you can expect from the Kilitreks & Safaris teams.

Kilitreks & Safaris is passionate about providing high quality tours at competitive prices. The company team focuses on fulfilling clients’ requests and expectations, while increasing confidence for first time visitors to Tanzania. Staff carefully consider all details when putting together clients' tour packages, only using the best locations.

From Kilitreks & Safaris, an established company with a growing reputation, you can expect excellence and a commitment to making each tour memorable.

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