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Africa the second largest continent has a lot to offer to travelers looking for an adventurous safari experience. Africa’s wildlife extravaganza coupled with its hospitable people and freshening ambience away from the big cities make it the ultimate safari destination. Rwanda as a country has its fair share of the continent's heritage ranging from various wildlife including the endangered Mountain gorillas which you get to see on a gorilla tour. A Rwanda tour is very engaging and entertaining with many activities to engage in such as gorilla tracking, primate treks, game drives, hiking, nature walks, cycling, boat cruises, birding and many others. For more than 10 years, Explore Rwanda Tours have organized Rwanda safaris. From Luxury to Budget Rwanda safaris, we at Explore Rwanda tours understand your need enjoy your trip to Rwanda and thus have just the right tour packages for you. Need to book a Gorilla trekking tour or wildlife safari?

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