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Safari Reviews is the number one resource for reviewing and comparing safaris. Our users are passionate about Africa and all the adventures it has to offer. They range from budget backpackers to high-end luxury travelers, but all are discerning in what they want out of their safari experiences.

The reviews we share on our website are honest accounts from real travelers who seek to share the highs and lows of their journeys, in the hopes that future travelers might benefit from their insights. Safari Reviews is used by a vast range of people, which we believe is what makes us so special. Our community is drawn together through a mutual love of adventure, thrill-seeking attitude, and passion for Africa.


With more than 4,000 international visitors per month, a number which is perpetually climbing, Safari Reviews has proven itself a necessary resource for both safari goers and safari operators alike. 

Safari Reviews provides user feedback of thousands of safari operators in 60 regions across Africa. This includes reviews of destinations, accommodation, drivers and guides, food, and other services, all according to value for money, quality of service, and ecofriendliness. Reviewers assign each of these 3 categories a value of stars out of five, which contribute to an operator's overall rating. This rating system advises safari goers not only which safari operator to partner up with, but also of where to go, how to travel, and activities to participate in while they are on safari.

Safari Reviews is an independent, reliable and widely used resource for travelers across the globe. Advertise with us and share your product with our community today. 

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The blogs cost $50USD per post, and can include any number of links to the website(s) of your choice. For each blog, Safari Reviews will post a link to the article on our social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. 



You can send in as many blog posts as you like, and you can renew your advertisement or purchase a new one whenever it suits you. But, remember, there are only three advertising spots available per month, so we would advise to get in and secure your space fast to avoid a wait-list!

Safari Reviews is the perfect place for you to advertise your company, and we hope you’ll seize these opportunities and promote your tours on our website.

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